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March Mania

Andrew Howell


The CNN 24 news crew sent me, Andrew Howell, to ask fellow students what they think about March is Reading Month.

First I asked 2 students what their favorite part of March is Reading Month is. Robert D. likes the Mystery Readers. Aidan Z. likes the games where you go from class to class.

Next, I asked 2 students what they think should be added to March is Reading Month. Jon R. thinks there should be games based on reading. Mario P. thinks there should be an addition to the book donation and donate some books to the Collins Library.

Finally, I asked 2 students what they think should be changed about March is Reading Month. Christian E. thinks the prizes should be changed. Ben J. thinks Mystery Readers should be changed to make it easier for the little kids. Now, I am looking forward to this March is Reading Month!

CATS Branch out CNN to a new NEWS station CNN 24

Theresa Stapels


Collins Academically Talented Students, CATS, have been working hard all year to bring the school news to YOU!  Check back weekly for new news videos and articles!


Your Dedicated CATS, 

~Kyle, Hope, Jaiden, Gwen, Ryan B., Jessica, Kaia, Andrew, Braden, Branton, Faith, Ryan D., Jenna, Blaine, Abby, and Ms. Stapels!

The Play Sets of the Playground

Theresa Stapels


I have been noticing that the play sets out on the playground are getting old to some students. But, maybe the cause is the cold weather? We haven’t been outside for ages, and Mr. Hurley might not want to upgrade our play sets yet.

I think that the time for action has come. They should maybe try to get some fresh sets to enjoy and have fun on. This summer should be the deadline for more sets. I think that most students would agree that it is time for change!

Here are some opinions from fellow students: Gavin, a 5th grader, agrees with the statement of more sets! Jaden also agrees. Kaia, a 5th grader, declared that we desire more play sets! The only recent play set was for kindergarteners! They don’t know how to play! We do! We… know how to destroy play sets! That wasn’t true, actually. We know how to have respect for property! And if we get one, we won’t be tempted to sell us off as kindergarteners to play on the new play set! Hope, a 4th grader, also agrees greatly. Gwen, a 5th grader, says that we need more play sets! The upper L needs WAY more sets!

My personal look on things for the playground is to get MORE! We haven’t been given anything for the past few months! All that learning with no rewards! We need more sets so we don’t kick rocks to have the least bit of fun! It’ll lower our spirits to know that learning will only pay off in ten years! If I could interview the other students, they would all agree to be rewarded for once! So, please give us a new play set! For fun!

More topics are more interviews next time on CNN 24!

~Ryan B.

Snow Days

Theresa Stapels


By: Jaiden Styber

Snow Days

What do you think about snow days? I asked some second graders and here is what they answered. Luke said, “That it is awesome and you get to play in the snow”. Mohammad said, “It is bad because it is cold.” Stevie thinks, “It is fun and I get to throw snowballs at my sister.” Eric from fourth grade says, “ It is fun because I get to play videogames.”

How many snow days do you think we should have per week? Eric, from fourth grade says, “We should be allowed to have a snow day once a week.” Kyle thinks, “We should have three snow days per week.” Hope says, “We should have four snow days per week.” Mrs. Staples thinks, “We should have zero per week.”

How many snow days do you think we have? Jackson from second grade said, “We get fifty-thousand.” Then Jackson told me, “Wait, twenty.” I know how many snow days, we get 6.

Do snow days bug you because you can’t go to school? Ryan from fifth grade says, “Snow days don’t bug me because I love snow.” Kyle from fourth grade says, “Sometimes they do.”

What do think about anything about snow days?

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Join us for the Collins McDonalds Night at the 15 Mile & Van Dyke McDonalds. 10% of all profits from 5pm - 7pm come back to Collins.  Guess which teachers will be working!  See you there.

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Please join us for our final PTO meeting of 2014.  We will meet in the media center on Tuesday, 12-9, at 6:30 pm. to discuss upcoming events or issues.  Please join us. We'd love to see you.

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